About us

NewCo. Latam is a company that was born considering the growing demand for specialized consulting services in Brazil due to the increase of foreign investors intending to make their debut in the Brazilian market.

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Our mission is to facilitate, in a personalized and secure way, the ingress of foreign investors in the Brazilian market, by specialized services aligned with their investment expectations, promoting clear bilateral connections for an agile, peaceful and successful journey in Brazil.


To connect global business to Brazil’s potential. We offer a solution ecosystem that provides comprehensive support, including market analysis, strategic partnerships, legal and regulatory counseling, administrative and treasury services, to foreign investors who want establish their presence and succeed in the Brazilian market.


Service excellence
Local knowledge

Our goal is to fill the existing gap between accounting firms and traditional consulting services, providing comprehensive services and personalized guidance, thus facilitating the entrance and success of foreign investors in the Brazilian market.

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Accounting professionals holding INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION, project managers, treasury experts and legal counselors.

We rely on a highly skilled and experienced team, which holds deep knowledge of the Brazilian market and the specific needs of foreign investors.

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