NewCo Latam is a specialized consulting firm providing integrated solutions in legal, tax, accounting and treasury subjects, which is focused on assisting the foreign investor to create/generate new business/companies, fostering entrepreneurship and making easier the ingress and success in the Brazilian market.


Feasibility Studies

- Business feasibility analysis

- Business plan development

- Tax and legal study

Corporate secretary services

- Registration and incorporation of companies

- Preparation and review of the articles of association and partners agreement

- Partners documentation (non-resident individual [CPF] or corporate [CNPJ] taxpayer ID) - Foreign investor visa

- Sworn translation of documents

- Legal address and mail management

Corporate fiduciary services

- Board and representation services

- Legal and Tax representatives

International regulatory compliance services

- Compliance services for the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO)


Accounting and Tax services

- Accounting.

- Local tax management.

- Payroll and benefits management.

- International reconciliation of intercompany assets and liabilities

- Issue of invoices

- Reporting package preparation/upload.


Legal entity management

- Management of subsidiaries.

- Labor recruitment and selection.

- Attendance in internal and external audits.

- Writing and revision of agreements with suppliers and partners.

- Registration of foreign capital in the Central Bank (Banco Central).

- Mandatory declarations and documents BC

- Brand and patent registration

- LGPD (General Personal Data Protection Law).

- In House Migration support.


Financial BPO

- Bank / investment account opening.

- Local investments XP Bank - rating AAA.

- Regulated Exchange Operations (Capital contribution and international loans).

- Management of taxes on international remittances.

- Payroll.

- Accounts payable and receivable.

- IIntegration with mass payments.

We offer a solution ecosystem that provides comprehensive support, including market analysis, strategic partnerships, legal and regulatory counseling, administrative and treasury services, to foreign investors who want establish their presence and succeed in the Brazilian market.

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